It’s Time to Go

James thought four years. I swore it was gonna be three. We were both wrong.

Two years. Two years in Paradise. That’s all we’re getting. (I’ll wait while you dry your tears on your Grandpa’s hanky.)


We knew it wasn’t going to be our forever home – I’m not sure we’ll ever have one of those. But two years? It doesn’t quite seem like long enough. There are still tons of trails to conquer, and I haven’t done nearly enough snorkeling. I haven’t even seen any dolphins up close yet! And of course our friends – we’ve made so many friends here.

But the fact is that we are leaving Hawai’i sometime in September. James’s position is ending sort of unexpectedly, and his company is sending us elsewhere. (I’m grateful they’re taking care of us so well!) So where are we going??


It’s ironic because I was just there for Fitbloggin’, and I’ve been saying since we arrived on-island that it was the place I wanted to try next. I am so anxious about all of the adventure that Colorado has to offer. I’m already blissfully anticipating the beauty that will surround us. And let me tell you how excited I am about once again experiencing cardigans, tall boots, hot coffees, and breathing in that crisp, autumn air. Ahhhh.


But right now, we’re focused on selling our brand spanking new house that we absolutely love (waaaah!), crossing the remaining things off of our Hawai’i bucket list, and spending time with friends.

We’re embracing this surprise with an adventurous spirit.  There is a definite reason we call ourselves The Wandering Five. It’s a stressful time for James because new jobs come with a fair bit of uncertainty, but the kids are looking forward to being back on the mainland. I’m elated about our destination, and I’m already researching the homes, the community, the homeschooling network, and of course, the opportunities to be active.

Still, this has been a lot to process. It’s all happening so very quickly.

I love change, but I gotta admit that this has thrown me for a bit of a loop. Hawai’i is the first place I’ve ever experienced happiness in its purest form. Will this feeling continue once we leave? I’ll be able to create a good life for myself anywhere. I know that. But damn, this place has inspired something special in me. I never knew these deep feelings of joy were even possible. I have to believe our experience in Hawai’i served to show me they exist, but now it’s up to me to keep the fire burnin’ from within. And I will. Because life is all one big adventure story right? Yes, yes, it is.

Now I guess it’s time to go live the next chapter of it.


  1. Jodi from Michigan says

    It’s funny how connected people get on facebook, even though we have never met, I have feelings for you and your family and a bit sad to see you leave such a beautiful place. I am so glad you are looking at it with an expectant heart and I can’t wait to see the pictures you post from there :)

  2. Laura Smith says

    A beautiful approach to your new life. I am so incredibly proud of your spirit, but I must admit that I’m not sad to have you back on the mainland. I look forward to your Colorado adventures! <3

    • Nicole says

      Thanks, Mom. There’s gonna be some amazing adventures! There’s a ton of land I need to explore on the west side of the country!

  3. says

    Oh how I was going to try to work in a trip to Hawaii (at least in my mind I was working it out). So excited about your next chapter. I’ve enjoyed reading about your current location and look forward to Denver. How exciting!

  4. Emily Cox says

    I’m in one of those amazing places with loads of trails. Aspen is 4 hours from Denver, but I live just 3 hours away, in New Castle, CO. The western slope is amazing and I have really loved exploring. Hopefully you will be able to get up here soon. And arriving in September means you’ll get to see the aspens turning! What an awesome sight to welcome you to CO!

    • Nicole says

      Thanks for that info, Emily! I’m really excited about all of it. I think Colorado is going to be perfect for our family! I’ve loved seeing your images from it!

  5. says

    I discovered your blog when I was planning our trip to Oahu this past February. I loved how the very essence of Hawaii and an enjoyment of life on the islands just permeated every one of your posts. Your time there has been very short but I think it’s safe to say your family seized every moment you have in Hawaii!!!!

    And I look forward to your next adventures!!! :)

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