Project Elegance No.3

Okay, so it’s been a minute since I made a contribution to this series, but I’m back to share my sessions with two beautiful ladies! If you have no idea what this project is, I highly recommend you check out the first post. And because you don’t want to miss out on any of the fun, go ahead and take a peek at the second one as well.

Let’s get right to it!

This is Somer. She is a homeschooling mom to two adorable boys, and she’s been a military wife for 14 years. Between mom duties, homeschooling, and being a key spouse (a liaison between squadron leadership and spouses), Somer stays pretty busy! She loves to cycle and pretend she’s crafty (her words – not mine). She enjoys the beach, swimming and anything outdoorsy. And if it’s accompanied by a piña colada – all the better!

I asked her why she wanted to participate in this campaign, and she said, “I have a horrible self image. I hate how I look in photos (hence why almost all my photos are with me taking them!) I wanted to face a personal fear and try to see what others see in me. Embrace the hesitation and just go with it, you know? I’m really trying to face myself lately. Quit being so critical of myself. My husband has always told me I’m my own worst enemy.” I think most women can relate to that! I’m so happy she trusted me with her time.

She’s absolutely beautiful!

somer01bw somer04 somer10 somer12 somer15

And meet Christen! She is an educator, homeschooling her 3 children along with teaching classes in early childhood development at a local university. She loves life, holds strong to her Christian faith, finds beauty in God’s creation, and deeply cherishes her amazing family. She likes to hike, sew & craft, dance around her living room, trail run and travel! She aspires to do a year long cross country road trip.

Here is what she had to say about her experience with Project Elegance: “The session was a perfect mix of feeling both nervous and refreshed. I am our family’s photographer, constantly striving to capture all the kids’ special moments. But I am rarely IN the photos unless I overtly hand the camera to my husband! It was a bit awkward being the center of attention for this shoot, but yet also freeing and relaxing to loosen up, have fun, and leave the photo taking to a professional!”

We had a great time during the session – Christen is so full of life! Her joy is contagious.

christeni03 christeni10 christeni23 christeni26 christeni30

A huge thanks to both women for participating! I am really enjoying capturing moms who aren’t generally the ones in front of the camera. Hope to share more in the future!

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