Stitch Fix Friday: Fix #2

Did you see my first Stitch Fix review? Maybe not. That’s okay, it isn’t required reading to enjoy this post. Unless you haven’t heard about Stitch Fix, in which case you should definitely go back and read through it.

I’m getting shipments monthly, and this was my second fix. I’m excited to say that this time, I’m keeping an item!

Piece #1: Just Black Dean Skinny Jean $78 (shirt & shoes are mine)

I’ll just go big right out of the gate – I’m so in love with these jeans! I’ve put on a few pounds in the past couple of weeks, and I am definitely feeling it in all the worst ways. However, I think these will be a perfect fit once I get back into a mindful groove again. So I’m keeping them – my very first pair of colored jeans!


Piece #2: Zad Jorja Teardrop Bauble Necklace $28

Like last month, I’m in love with the necklace I received but again, it isn’t quite right. I was convinced I’d keep it, but then when I started trying on shirts for this shot, I realized it didn’t look like a good fit with any of my shirts’ necklines. So – love the piece, but not loving the way it sits on me.


Piece #3: Collective Concepts Verano Crochet Detail Blouse $68 (jeans are mine)

Absolutely not. My boobs have never looked worse in a shirt. (However, am I rocking those flip-flop tanlines or WHAT?!)


Piece #4: Loveappella Oliander Open Cardigan $58 (Shirt under is mine.)

I have mixed feelings about this cardigan. First, I love cardigans. And this one looks so nice and soft and comfy. But, let’s be clear on one thing: it’s stiff and itchy and made of polyester. However, it fit me really well and I wanted to love it. But ultimately, that edging (piping?) down the front just felt wrong. It felt too proper for my style. So while it’s cute-ish, it’s going back.


Piece #5: Pixley Hillway Button Front Tank $44 (shorts are mine)

This shirt was so cute in the package, but just like everything else that’s flowy – I don’t like it on me at all. It gives me no shape, and my short & thick body needs to have some shape. And not the rectangular variety.



That was my second fix! I kept one piece which is an improvement over the zero pieces I kept last month. Maybe next one I’ll keep two? Either way, this is so much fun and I’m loving it. It’s like window shopping without having to leave my house! And if I fall in love with something, I buy it. But no pressure either way. Yes, I lose out on the $20 styling fee if I send all of the items back, but honestly it’s paid for in the excitement I feel each time.

If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix, click here. Make sure you let me know how it goes! (Tag me on IG or Twitter: @nicolehnit).

• • •

Stitch Fix serves women sizes 0-14 (XS – XL). Another similar option is Gwynnie Bee which is a clothing rental subscription service catering to women sizes 10–32. A close friend is using that and she’s looking fabulous!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Stitch Fix and they are not compensating me for this post. However, if you sign up using my link, I will receive a referral credit. Thank you for your support!

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