Expectations vs. Reality


So if I’m being completely honest with you (and I always am), I need to tell you that the scale is pissing me off. I want to pretend that it isn’t, and I want to tell you that I know I’m making progress even if the scale says otherwise. But I’m human. And since I… 

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Spin, Tacos & Finding My Groove


Since the week prior was crazy busy, I basically gave myself the last seven days to do whatever I wanted. No expectations – no deadlines. Just be. And man, it felt great. It’s the ability to do this kind of thing that reminds me how incredibly amazing my life really is. So grateful. Okay, but we just… 

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Health Nut Hero: Angel


Name: Angel Ballance Age: 37 Location: Little Elm, TX How long have you been a health nut in training (and what does that look like for you)? About 5 years ago, my local women’s ministry leader and pastor started bringing in local nutritionists, private trainers, doctors, and healthcare professionals to talk about food and its… 

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Me, Me, Me!


Well, that was a busy and beautiful week! I shot a Project Elegance session, took my kiddos to a few classes, attended a little “negative tide” homeschooling event at a ridiculously early hour, adventured to Laie Point, took photos at a kids’ masquerade ball, got irresponsibly drunk, dealt with a hangover, had my first coaching call,… 

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Health Nut Hero: Candee


My name is Candee. I am a 44 year old mother to 3 active boys. We are located in NJ. My fitness and weight loss story started in 1999. After a visit to my doctor, I learned I had high bp and was a borderline diabetic. he also told me if I got pregnant I… 

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Project Elegance No.2


If you missed my first post on this incredible campaign, please check it out here. I’m excited to share my third and fourth Project Elegance sessions! These women are beautiful both inside and out, and I’m honored I got to capture them! I am loving this experience, and I hope to bring you a lot more images… 

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Taking a Leap of Faith


Today, I feel like a grown up. I’m a grown up who has these big bad dreams, and I’m feeling ready to take big actions to make them happen. Yesterday, I decided to attend Fitbloggin next month, which is a conference for health and wellness bloggers. And it’s in Denver, Colorado this year. So that means… 

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