Notes From My Journey

Notes From My Journey is a series that details the things I've learned on my path from morbid obesity to healthy living. The posts keep coming because I keep learning!

Stress-Free Holiday Eating


Tomorrow is the Fourth of July (Happy Birthday America!) and that means fireworks, friends, and most importantly, food. And let’s be honest, the menu won’t just be snow peas and grilled salmon. (If it is, please tag me on Instagram: @nicolehnit.) I know what I’m having at my cookout: burgers, hotdogs, broccoli salad (and it’s not the… 

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9 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About My Weight Loss


  My Dearest Girl, When you were four, I began my journey to healthy living. You probably don’t have many memories of me as a 246-pound woman, but you have lived through this long and winding process towards health, confidence, and unconditional acceptance of myself. You’re nine now – quickly approaching ten years old. I think often about the way I… 

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April 2015 Mileage


So normally I just throw this little graphic in with my weekly updates, but I decided to separate it out from now on. You know why? Because I’m DANG proud of these monthly mileage numbers. Prior to March of last year, I could never have dreamed of these consistent numbers. We made it a goal back… 

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Why Friends Are Giving You the Side-Eye


So you’ve made the decision: you’re overhauling your life. You joined a gym, you cleaned out your pantry, and your potluck contributions now come straight from Eating Well. You’re proudly telling the world about this change, and you full expect everyone to be equally excited about your revelation. But they’re not. What gives? First, let’s examine… 

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Overcoming Fear


Fear & inconsistency: these two things are the bane of my existence. They are really the only things that stand between me and success. And while they might be difficult to overcome, it’s actually kind of freeing to think that I only have two obstacles. Right? Even if those obstacles seem huge. Today, I want… 

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Drink Up!


This is gonna be a DUH post. But one of the most important, yet most difficult things for me to master in my own journey has been….water. Yeah, water. Four and a half years of ups and downs with exercising and eating right – you’d think the one thing I could handle was hydrating properly…. 

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