One Year Skin Removal Surgiversary


Can you believe it’s been a year?  Wow.  I feel like an entirely different person on the inside and out.  And I have to say, going under the knife is still (and probably always will be) one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. In case you’re new to the blog, my surgery included an… 

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Thanksgiving in Hawaii


You know I have about six other things I really should be doing, but nope, definitely sitting here blogging.  My reasoning is that I prefer to blog when J isn’t home, and I can do those other things when he is.  You need a good excuse to do one thing over another?  I’m your girl…. 

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Fresh Air


Every day can’t be a winning day.  Thanks to my girly time, I’m vacillating between acting like a  raging bitch and wanting to sit in the corner and have a good cry.  The good news is that I recognize that I’m a hair less than logical today but whoa.  Not cool.  It’s not helping that… 

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