A Moment of Leisure


Ahhh. It’s been a nice and carefree two weeks. I don’t even have that much to tell you, but that’s probably not a bad thing. My last two posts have been monsters between recapping the month of March and then my 5 Year Journey. Whew. So let’s keep this short and sweet. I think I’ve done a… 

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Lost & Found: A 5 Year Journey


It’s been five years since I started on this incredible journey. FIVE YEARS! How is that even possible? Time definitely passes whether you’re doing something positive with your life or not, and I finally feel like that saying has sunk into my rather thick skull. (Took long enough.) You’ll see in this post that although… 

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28 Days Later


I really can’t recall a busier month in my life. It has been fantastic and a huge learning experience. And most of all, it’s been (largely) a really good time! So instead of jumping into the health portion of this blog post, first I’m gonna tell you all about the past four weeks.  You care,… 

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I Like to Log It, Log It


Whew! That was a quick and busy two weeks! And the news I have to report to you is somewhat odd. So we’ll just jump into it. We got the keys to our new house finally! We are homeowners again after nine years! Yay! But now let’s get the bad parts of this post out… 

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Rough Patch


Well, if I thought the week before was rough….I’m not really sure what to call this past one. Most notably, my grandma died. Three years ago, I told you all about her and our relationship. And in the three years since, I think it’s fair to say that our friendship grew even stronger. I was only able… 

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Four Weeks In


It’s been….a week. My very first niece was born…Miss Avery Rae. (Four nephews so far – it was time for a girl!) She’s beautiful but she lives so so very far away. But we got to FaceTime with her and for that I’m grateful. I’ve been trying everything I can think of to convince my… 

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Another fantastic week with just two tiny caveats! (You know I like to to keep it real.) I started this post two days ago, so the week I’m referring to ended on the 1st. I’m all over it. The running thing has sort of hit a wall. I’m feeling lazy more often than not, so… 

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