Such a good day!

Well as the title leads you to believe, it really was a fabulous day!  I got a ton accomplished at work (always good), the kids made it out of a trip to the dentist office with zero cavities, and I killed it at the gym! I decided to keep my resistance the same because I… 

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It’s Paying Off!

I have lost NINE pounds since I started this journey so I am now down to 237!  Just for the record, the hubster has lost three pounds – go him (he isn’t really trying to lose weight though lol)!  Of course I would love it if I continued to lose the weight so fast but… 

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Getting Back on Track

Yesterday I slept nearly all day because I had some pain in my abdomen and today I woke up with the same pain.  Still not sure what it was (bladder??) but thankfully it subsided by the early afternoon.  I was able to make it to the gym (yay me!) but I wanted to quit the… 

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Weight Tracking

Even though I’m trying not to weigh myself EVERY DAY, I normally do. It’s just an ugly rollercoaster! I plan to post my weight updates on here once a week so watch for my progress!!

Before Pictures


I actually don’t have too many pictures of myself that aren’t from the neck up only…my poor kids are going to think I was never around considering I take about a bazillion shots of them and my husband!  These are what I could come up with to give you a representation of how I really… 

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3 Day Recap


Well, I had some computer issues so I didn’t get to post on here each day. It’s pretty easy to recap though! Friday, I exercised like normal and did well eating until dinner. Then it was a disaster. We had two frozen pizzas left in the freezer so we threw those in. I thought I’d… 

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Routine Change


I woke up today and groaned. I was not feeling the 5 am hour. I decided to just go to the gym after work and then fell back asleep for another hour and a half of heavenly Zs.While I’m glad I got the extra sleep, I spent the whole day thinking about how I still… 

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First Day Without Mountain Dew!

Well, I did it today. No Mountain Dew. Not that I’ve never gone a day before (I have), but I know I don’t need it anymore. Unfortunately, I was falling asleep all day long. My body was craving the caffeine. I had J (my husband) make me a pot of coffee so I could rejuvenate… 

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I Can Totally Look Like That!


I have an awesome husband.  No, really.  The kind of the husband that women dream about.  He cooks, he cleans, does laundry, and treats me like a queen.  We’ve been together since high school and I just can’t imagine my life without him.  He doesn’t stare at hot girls when they pass by or even talk about… 

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