This resource page is long and can feel overwhelming. Remember that eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or even time-consuming. I’ve simply assembled lists and links to help you on your quest. But simply discard any information that doesn’t feel applicable to you or your family. I do, however, ask that you keep an open mind! It’s fun to try new things and you’ll only make your journey more difficult if you decide early on that you do or don’t like certain foods.


Health Information 

Substitution/Reduction of Ingredients




We eat a lot of cereal around here.  And always a piece of fruit.  Sometimes I’ll throw in an oatmeal.  Maybe you are less boring, but don’t feel the need to try everything. It’s easy to get overwhelmed!

Some super quick breakfast ideas:

  • 1 serving whole grain cereal w/ skim milk & a piece of fruit (look for at least 3g fiber, 2g protein, and no more than 8g sugar in the cereal)
  • 1 serving oatmeal (homemade/not instant is best); fruit
  • 2 whole eggs & 1 egg white scrambled with veggies; fruit
  • 2 pieces whole grain toast w/ peanut butter; fruit (try it topped with sliced bananas or berries)
  • 1 apple, 1-2 oz cheddar cheese, some walnuts
  • whole grain waffle topped with peanut butter & raisins OR cottage cheese & cinnamon (lightly broil this one) OR nonfat yogurt & berries
  • bread topped with ricotta cheese, tomatoes & 1 t. olive oil, broil if desired
  • whole wheat tortilla with 1 scrambled egg, Canadian bacon/lean ham, 1/2 oz. cheese, salsa
  • Bagel Thin or mini bagel with light cream cheese/peanut butter, topped with berries/sliced banana
  • Fried egg (mist pan with olive oil!) on 2 pieces light whole grain toast, add slice of cheese; fruit
  • nonfat Greek yogurt, mix in fresh fruit/berries; slice of whole grain toast with all-natural fruit spread
  • protein smoothie
  • whole grain English muffin topped with egg, tomato & shredded mozzarella cheese
  • hard boiled egg, one piece of whole grain toast spread with all natural fruit spread, fruit
  • whole grain English muffin topped with yogurt and thinly slice bananas


My entire aim for lunch is to get one serving of each food group. It’s been working for five years, so why quit now? We make it easy – if it’s too complicated, we just simply won’t do it.

  • Sandwich (turkey/chicken/ham/roast beef on whole grain bread with cheese), veggie & fruit
  • Some of each food group (example: Nuts, crackers, string cheese, baby carrots, strawberries)
  • Tuna/egg/chicken salad sandwich on whole grain bread, side salad/veggie & fruit
  • Romaine and spinach salad with mushrooms, onions, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc; topped with tuna/chicken/boiled egg/shrimp, whole wheat croutons & 2 T. dressing; piece of fruit
  • BLTs are my new favorite – they are exquisite on a toasted whole wheat Sandwich Thin!

If you are into cooking/recipes/variety, here are some links:



Easy Stuff:

  • make your own veggie pizza on whole grain thin crust (or try a cauliflower crust!)
  • turkey/super lean ground beef tacos with whole wheat tortillas
  • spaghetti with whole grain noodles
  • scrambled eggs (mixed w/skim milk) with spinach, mushrooms, onions, peppers & a piece of whole grain toast topped with all-natural fruit spread

Pair an easy meat (baked/grilled chicken, pork chops, salmon or steak for example) with a veggie recipe.

Couple a meat/protein recipe with an easy side:

  • steamed, baked or sauteed broccoli/asparagus/green beans/carrots/cauliflower/zucchini
  • side salad
  • baked potato/sweet potato – topped with butter, sour cream, salsa, marinara sauce, Parmesan cheese, cottage cheese or nonfat yogurt
  • baked (white or sweet) potato fries
  • brown rice/other grains
  • corn on the cob

Some good recipe sites:


Everyone has a different philosophy on snacks. But me personally? I love them. I live for them. And they helped me lose a lot of weight.

Our usual:

  • unsalted nuts & fruit/veggie
  • apples/celery & all natural peanut butter (try topped with raisins)
  • applesauce & nuts (sometimes I let the kids have graham crackers, animal crackers or vanilla wafers with it)
  • Greek yogurt (either the kind with fruit in it or plain topped with berries/pineapple/granola)
  • “healthy” trail mix (I like to assemble it myself which I’ve decided makes it healthier.)
  • mozzarella stick & veggie/fruit
  • raw veggies & hummus/guacamole/yogurt-based dip/bean dip/salsa
  • cottage cheese & fruit/veggie

Some other ideas:

  • whole grain crackers topped with cheese/peanut butter/tuna salad/egg salad/turkey & cheese/hummus/sliced green grapes & shredded cheddar cheese
  • fruit & cheese w/peanut butter
  • whole grain cereal & skim milk
  • whole grain bread/pita bread with deli meat & cheese OR all natural peanut butter & all-natural fruit spread
  • homemade muffins/sweet bread
  • protein smoothie
  • healthy(ish) cookies (made with raisins, nuts & oats) & milk
  • mini pizzas: whole grain English muffins topped with marinara sauce, grated cheese & veggies; toast in toaster oven
  • whole grain waffle topped with low-fat vanilla yogurt & diced berries
  • peeled banana dipped in melted chocolate chips, frozen with Popsicle stick in one end
  • handful of dried fruit (no sugar added) & nuts
  • baked tortilla chips (or other natural chips) with salsa & beans
  • air-popped popcorn with spices or Parmesan cheese
  • beef/turkey jerky & fruit

Snack Linky-Links

Smoothies (great for breakfast & snacks)

Nut-Allergy Peeps: Some alternative ideas for protein include hummus, greek yogurt, tuna, pumpkin/squash/watermelon seeds, edamame, cheese and hard-boiled eggs.  You can also try sunflower or soy nut butter.  Just remember that adding ANY lean protein will help complete your snack!

Please let me know if you have any resources you think should be added to this list!