Skin Removal Surgery

When I started losing weight, I immediately obsessed about the loose skin I knew I’d have.  And I said multiple times that I’d probably need to have some type of skin removal surgery.  I got to my lowest weight in the summer of 2011.  But at that point, I couldn’t afford the surgery and my loose skin really messed with my head.  It made me frustrated because no matter how hard I worked, my body didn’t look the way I’d hoped.  Because of this emotional struggle, I ended up gaining back 30 pounds of my original 115 pound weight loss.  It’s been a roller coaster, but ultimately I was able to knock off 10 of those pounds I gained.  So 3.5 years into my health/weight loss journey, I was finally able to have my coveted surgery!  At least most of it…my modified arm lift is the only thing left.  And it will happen in the near future, I hope!


Here are most of the posts I’ve made regarding my surgery.  My first consultation was way back in July of 2011, and I finally had surgery in August of 2013.  It was a long two years, but I’m so grateful that I was finally able to have it.  Mad love to my J – his time in Afghanistan made it possible.

My surgeries: Extended Tummy Tuck – Breast Lift – Thigh Lift (medial inseam w/liposuction)

The Consultation (July 2011)
Why I Want Skin Removal Surgery
The Consultation II (May 2013)
Surgery & Weight Loss Update
Surgery – Scheduled!
A Vision of Me (This one is funny because 2 months after writing it, I found out we’re moving to Hawaii!)
Surgery Eve
Surgery & 4 Days Post-Op
Recovery – Days 5&6
It’s My Birthday!
Recovery – Day 8
Recovery – Day 9 & Updated Pictures!
Tired Girl
Recovery Day 12 – Feeling Great!
A Moment
2 Weeks Post Surgery!
Granny Panties
Oops & Ewww – Recovery Day 16
Rough Day
We’ve Got a Bleeder!
It’s Been Three Weeks!
A Period and a Crack
Pads Aplenty
Four Weeks
One Month Post-Surgery Pictures!
Hello Hawaii!
Hiking and Pumpkins!
Hope and Change
Ride The Wave (2 month post-surgery update)
Thanksgivng in Hawaii (3 month post-surgery update)
5 Months Post-Surgery (includes 4 month pics too)
6 Months Post-Surgery
One Year Skin Removal Surgiversary