January Update

So hi.  It’s been a minute since I updated last.  Dang, I just looked and it’s been a month.  You’ve heard of lazy days?  Well, this is a lazy week.  We’ve been sort of on-the-go since arriving in Hawaii, and I needed to do nothing for a bit.  Such a whiner-pants. (Honestly, I have been… 

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Content & Settled


I would like to confess that the kids and I rock out to Miley and the Bieb every morning to get our day started just right.  And I’m not at all embarrassed.  Miley may make some choices that I don’t quite understand, but I still love her damn music.  And same goes with JB, although… 

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Settling In


Okay, normally I spend hours blogging, but today there’s no time for that.  I need to get back to unpacking, take an exam, and maybe start on my huge research paper that’s due in 2 days. So we have been moving maniacs since Friday.  I can’t believe how much we’ve accomplished.  The movers left just… 

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No Regrets


I am officially in my third semester as a psychology major!  I’m excited that I decided to skip Spanish this time.  I know I still have to take 2 more classes of it, but I needed a break.  And I need a tutor.  I actually know someone, so I just need to get that going…. 

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