Winning at Life


Stagnant.  That’s like the ultimate swear word in my head. I don’t like my air to feel stagnant, and I don’t like my life to be stagnant.  I seriously did not understand how this could affect my day until the past few months.  So let me back up… Pretty much my entire adult life has… 

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Finding Hope: Insecurity

Insecurity.  It ruins lives, and I am not exaggerating.  If I think back to my 20 year old self and compare it to my 31 year old self, that’s one of the biggest differences.  I’m no longer as insecure.  I’m proud of my life, my husband, my kids, my talents, and my house.  I’m not… 

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Finding Hope: Bad Days

Back when I was struggling with severe depression, it seemed like I spent most of my days feeling hopeless.  Then each month, I had a few days where I could see clearly and I felt in control.  Those were the best.  But then I also had the horrible days where the hopelessness manifested into something… 

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Finding Hope: Depression

Finding Hope

There is now a video to accompany this post. Check it out!   • • • Having struggled with chronic depression for roughly a decade, I fancy myself somewhat knowledgable.  It’s frustrating and lonely, mostly because it’s unexplainable.  Even the most sympathetic people still can’t understand why you can’t look around you and find happiness.  Because yes,… 

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Content & Settled


I would like to confess that the kids and I rock out to Miley and the Bieb every morning to get our day started just right.  And I’m not at all embarrassed.  Miley may make some choices that I don’t quite understand, but I still love her damn music.  And same goes with JB, although… 

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