9 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About My Weight Loss


  My Dearest Girl, When you were four, I began my journey to healthy living. You probably don’t have many memories of me as a 246-pound woman, but you have lived through this long and winding process towards health, confidence, and unconditional acceptance of myself. You’re nine now – quickly approaching ten years old. I think often about the way I… 

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Lost & Found: A 5 Year Journey


It’s been five years since I started on this incredible journey. FIVE YEARS! How is that even possible? Time definitely passes whether you’re doing something positive with your life or not, and I finally feel like that saying has sunk into my rather thick skull. (Took long enough.) You’ll see in this post that although… 

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Whoa Food

Oh today.  It was an interesting one. Breakfast: 640 calories of whole wheat pancakes with pure maple syrup, 2 scrambled eggs, and 3 slices of bacon. Lunch: frozen yogurt topped with gummy bears, chocolate covered raisins, cookie dough cubes, caramel bits, strawberries, and brownie bites – amounting to 10 oz.  Calories difficult to calculate but… 

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Crazy Nicole Has Arrived

It’s working! It’s working!  That’s really all I can think right now.  I’m now down 5.6 pounds since Wednesday.  That’s 4 days.  Insane. I can’t be totally sure if it’s the water I’m downing or the actual daily calorie deficit.  Either way, I’m feeling encouraged.  I needed this jumpstart to feel like I’m doing the… 

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We’ve now been in Hawaii for over four months.  It’s still every bit as beautiful, and we still have plenty to do and see.  I’m not at all sad that we’re missing the record-breaking snowfall in Indiana – in fact I absolutely adore going to the beach in the middle of February.  Our house has… 

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