Rough Patch


Well, if I thought the week before was rough….I’m not really sure what to call this past one. Most notably, my grandma died. Three years ago, I told you all about her and our relationship. And in the three years since, I think it’s fair to say that our friendship grew even stronger. I was only able… 

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Another fantastic week.  We are officially done with our second week of marathon training, and I’m feeling insanely confident.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally nervous.  But as I’m watching my body loosen up, my stride lengthen, and my heart rate stabilize, I feel confident that I can make this dream of actually running the… 

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Taking Steps is Easy


Well, I successfully sat here drinking my coffee, eating my breakfast, and chatting on Facebook so long that it was too late to make it to Body Attack at the gym.  I’m even dressed.  Teeth brushed.  Socks on. So lazy! But oh well.  I’m thinking I’ll go run intervals before it gets too hot outside…. 

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Blogger Bling


Let’s talk about how I’m down to my lowest weight in 5 freaking months. Yeah I’m pretty damn excited. No headaches.  No light-headedness.  No killing myself with ridiculous amounts of exercise and no depriving myself of delicious foods. Aside from having to log everything I put in my mouth, I’m pretty excited about my current… 

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Crazy Nicole Has Arrived

It’s working! It’s working!  That’s really all I can think right now.  I’m now down 5.6 pounds since Wednesday.  That’s 4 days.  Insane. I can’t be totally sure if it’s the water I’m downing or the actual daily calorie deficit.  Either way, I’m feeling encouraged.  I needed this jumpstart to feel like I’m doing the… 

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Big Difference

Quick post today because even though it’s barely 10pm, I am freaking exhausted. So last night’s dinner with new friends went fantastically.  I’m really getting the hang of playing hostess.  Well, we ate on paper plates and I served boxed wine.  I’m not exactly the fancy type. I measured out plus logged my taco salad… 

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