It’s Time to Go


James thought four years. I swore it was gonna be three. We were both wrong. Two years. Two years in Paradise. That’s all we’re getting. (I’ll wait while you dry your tears on your Grandpa’s hanky.) We knew it wasn’t going to be our forever home – I’m not sure we’ll ever have one of those…. 

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Taking Steps is Easy


Well, I successfully sat here drinking my coffee, eating my breakfast, and chatting on Facebook so long that it was too late to make it to Body Attack at the gym.  I’m even dressed.  Teeth brushed.  Socks on. So lazy! But oh well.  I’m thinking I’ll go run intervals before it gets too hot outside…. 

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We’ve now been in Hawaii for over four months.  It’s still every bit as beautiful, and we still have plenty to do and see.  I’m not at all sad that we’re missing the record-breaking snowfall in Indiana – in fact I absolutely adore going to the beach in the middle of February.  Our house has… 

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Finding Hope: Being Normal Isn’t For Everyone


When Aidan was just a baby, I considered homeschooling.  I didn’t have any particular reason, I just remember talking about it.  It seemed like the right thing to do.   But then I poo-pooed that idea.  I mean, only religious people homeschool.  Isn’t that right?  And we’ve established that I don’t fit that mold. So… 

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