January Update

So hi.  It’s been a minute since I updated last.  Dang, I just looked and it’s been a month.  You’ve heard of lazy days?  Well, this is a lazy week.  We’ve been sort of on-the-go since arriving in Hawaii, and I needed to do nothing for a bit.  Such a whiner-pants. (Honestly, I have been… 

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Finding Hope: Preparation

So I always remember that Oprah had this saying: Luck/success is when preparation meets opportunity.  Or something like that.  After a quick search on Google, there is an actual quote by a Roman philosopher that says, “Luck is where the crossroads of opportunity and preparation meet.” If you read back through this blog, you’ll often… 

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Finding Hope: Depression

Finding Hope

There is now a video to accompany this post. Check it out!   • • • Having struggled with chronic depression for roughly a decade, I fancy myself somewhat knowledgable.  It’s frustrating and lonely, mostly because it’s unexplainable.  Even the most sympathetic people still can’t understand why you can’t look around you and find happiness.  Because yes,… 

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December Update


Merry Belated Christmas!  If your family celebrates, I hope you had a great day!  (If not, I still hope you had a great day. Ha.)  Ours was pretty much the best one EVER.  Especially considering J was on a different continent last year.  This year was quite different.  We went to the beach! But let… 

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Picky Nicki

I need to learn to manage my expectations.  And my menstrual cycle.  The two are colliding and making for one grumpy Nicole.  Things are so incredibly good – they’ve never been so good – and yet I find myself still getting sad or stressed over the dumbest of things. I think I’m just being greedy.  I want… 

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Soooo this week has been less than productive.  I got a little neck-deep into reading a forum that was not healthy at all.  It made me super self-conscious to blog.  Apparently, there are people who really really give a shit about what other people post on their blogs.  Thankfully, after a few days of stupidly… 

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Thanksgiving in Hawaii


You know I have about six other things I really should be doing, but nope, definitely sitting here blogging.  My reasoning is that I prefer to blog when J isn’t home, and I can do those other things when he is.  You need a good excuse to do one thing over another?  I’m your girl…. 

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What is Real Life?

Sometimes I feel like I’m not living a real life.  You know, like the people who live in a remote village never having contact with the outside world?  Well, obviously I’m nothing like them.  But I feel a smidge more like them than whatever is considered normal.  And that’s simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying.  We pay… 

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