Fresh Air


Every day can’t be a winning day.  Thanks to my girly time, I’m vacillating between acting like a  raging bitch and wanting to sit in the corner and have a good cry.  The good news is that I recognize that I’m a hair less than logical today but whoa.  Not cool.  It’s not helping that… 

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Putting Myself Out There


So yesterday ended up being quite productive!  First, I wore one of my new pairs of shorts! Okay, you can’t see how cute they are.  You’ll have to take my word for it.  But they are dark-colored denim with small white polka dots.  Plus they are stretchy – love them!  For the 97th time, I’m… 

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Bag Lady


So yesterday’s post got away from me and I forgot to tell you some things. Then I thought of more things (shocker!) and so we have me posting today. First, I am happy to report that we have avoided using the a/c for probably about a week now.  That is quite a feat really because it’s… 

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Settling In


Okay, normally I spend hours blogging, but today there’s no time for that.  I need to get back to unpacking, take an exam, and maybe start on my huge research paper that’s due in 2 days. So we have been moving maniacs since Friday.  I can’t believe how much we’ve accomplished.  The movers left just… 

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Beach Baby

I meant to blog yesterday.  And the day before.  But today, I’m putting off writing a paper for my Human Sexuality class.  So it seems like the perfect time to blog.  Right?  Mmmhmm.  Quityerjudgin’. It turns out that once you stop stressing about where to live, Hawaii becomes infinitely more fun. (And it was already… 

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Hope and Change


Three days in a row of blogging!  You can tell that my housing obsession has subsided because I’m finding time to do other things.  But today I actually have a few things to chat about.  I laid in bed last night and wrote blog posts in my head. First, the rat is still on the… 

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Life’s a Beach


Wednesday morning.  We found a home we love!!  It’s the one I shared yesterday.  As soon as J gets home from work, we have to go to Kinko’s and print the required documents.  Then it’s off to the management office to turn in our application.  Weeee!  I’ve never been so scared of being rejected. 😉… 

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Hiking and Pumpkins!


Hi.  I need to blog today.  I’m sucking all of the joy out of this place.  I’m in Hawaii for the love of God, but I’m stressing the eff out. I mean, THIS is just minutes from us – what is there to be worried about?  (We haven’t actually done any swimming in the ocean… 

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