Lost & Found: A 5 Year Journey


It’s been five years since I started on this incredible journey. FIVE YEARS! How is that even possible? Time definitely passes whether you’re doing something positive with your life or not, and I finally feel like that saying has sunk into my rather thick skull. (Took long enough.) You’ll see in this post that although… 

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Inching Down

Looky, looky…I’m blogging twice within a week. Okay, so on Wednesday, J and I totally rocked our jogging intervals.  I’m working so hard on lengthening my stride and I am definitely improving!  We cut another two minutes off of our 3 mile time.  And I’m starting to enjoy it more and more.  We are still… 

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Taking Steps is Easy


Well, I successfully sat here drinking my coffee, eating my breakfast, and chatting on Facebook so long that it was too late to make it to Body Attack at the gym.  I’m even dressed.  Teeth brushed.  Socks on. So lazy! But oh well.  I’m thinking I’ll go run intervals before it gets too hot outside…. 

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Blogger Bling


Let’s talk about how I’m down to my lowest weight in 5 freaking months. Yeah I’m pretty damn excited. No headaches.  No light-headedness.  No killing myself with ridiculous amounts of exercise and no depriving myself of delicious foods. Aside from having to log everything I put in my mouth, I’m pretty excited about my current… 

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Bloated. I figured you were wondering how I was doing, and that’s my answer.  I’m bloated. I’ve been a bit rebellious over the past few days.  Rebellious against whom, you ask?  The scale.  The Fitbit.  Myself.  Whatever. Friday wasn’t bad, but I had a few servings of (homemade) fries at dinner.  And maybe some wine…. 

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