Busy weekend! Friday night, we got a hankering for some chocolate cake.  J made a quick run to the grocery store and we decided it would be Austin’s birthday treat.  Two days early.  Audra lit the candles. Ohhhh FIRE! We sang to him and everything. On Saturday morning, we got up nice and early for… 

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Thanksgiving in Hawaii


You know I have about six other things I really should be doing, but nope, definitely sitting here blogging.  My reasoning is that I prefer to blog when J isn’t home, and I can do those other things when he is.  You need a good excuse to do one thing over another?  I’m your girl…. 

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Kaena Point


Holy Toledo, it’s hot in my house!  Yesterday it was sweltering in here.  It’s only 80 degrees so far this morning, but it’s early.  I may have to break down and turn on the a/c.  I know – I know.  I should shut up and stop complaining.  Especially since my home state of Indiana was… 

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Fresh Air


Every day can’t be a winning day.  Thanks to my girly time, I’m vacillating between acting like a  raging bitch and wanting to sit in the corner and have a good cry.  The good news is that I recognize that I’m a hair less than logical today but whoa.  Not cool.  It’s not helping that… 

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Equality & Coffee Tables


My first order of business is to congratulate Hawaii on becoming the 16th state to legislate marriage equality! If you don’t know, I’ve been a huge supporter of gay human rights since I was a wee little girl.  My mom is a lesbian and I remember her explaining what that word actually meant when I… 

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Bag Lady


So yesterday’s post got away from me and I forgot to tell you some things. Then I thought of more things (shocker!) and so we have me posting today. First, I am happy to report that we have avoided using the a/c for probably about a week now.  That is quite a feat really because it’s… 

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