Busy weekend! Friday night, we got a hankering for some chocolate cake.  J made a quick run to the grocery store and we decided it would be Austin’s birthday treat.  Two days early.  Audra lit the candles. Ohhhh FIRE! We sang to him and everything. On Saturday morning, we got up nice and early for… 

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Thanksgiving in Hawaii


You know I have about six other things I really should be doing, but nope, definitely sitting here blogging.  My reasoning is that I prefer to blog when J isn’t home, and I can do those other things when he is.  You need a good excuse to do one thing over another?  I’m your girl…. 

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Kaena Point


Holy Toledo, it’s hot in my house!  Yesterday it was sweltering in here.  It’s only 80 degrees so far this morning, but it’s early.  I may have to break down and turn on the a/c.  I know – I know.  I should shut up and stop complaining.  Especially since my home state of Indiana was… 

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Content & Settled


I would like to confess that the kids and I rock out to Miley and the Bieb every morning to get our day started just right.  And I’m not at all embarrassed.  Miley may make some choices that I don’t quite understand, but I still love her damn music.  And same goes with JB, although… 

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Ride the Wave


There is a tornado happening in my head.  I’m slowly forgetting the magic that is this place because we are settling into normal life.  It’s a fight to remember to look at the mountains and soak in the beauty. I mean, shit, that is the view when leaving my neighborhood.  It’s amazing!  But it’s so… 

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Beach Baby

I meant to blog yesterday.  And the day before.  But today, I’m putting off writing a paper for my Human Sexuality class.  So it seems like the perfect time to blog.  Right?  Mmmhmm.  Quityerjudgin’. It turns out that once you stop stressing about where to live, Hawaii becomes infinitely more fun. (And it was already… 

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Hope and Change


Three days in a row of blogging!  You can tell that my housing obsession has subsided because I’m finding time to do other things.  But today I actually have a few things to chat about.  I laid in bed last night and wrote blog posts in my head. First, the rat is still on the… 

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Hiking and Pumpkins!


Hi.  I need to blog today.  I’m sucking all of the joy out of this place.  I’m in Hawaii for the love of God, but I’m stressing the eff out. I mean, THIS is just minutes from us – what is there to be worried about?  (We haven’t actually done any swimming in the ocean… 

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One Month Post-Surgery Pictures!


First things first.  We were supposed to be leaving for Hawaii tomorrow, but there was a paperwork holdup with J’s job.  The paperwork came through yesterday so we should be down there by next weekend.  Weee!  I last mentioned that he wasn’t coming home this weekend because flights cost so much, but we were able… 

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