Chart It!


Weee!  I’m pretty sure I said I wouldn’t try this again, but I’m nothing if not totally fickle.  I accept it. I’ve made plans a billion times and I almost never follow through with them.  So there’s a very good chance that this will end in the same way.  But I have to try.  You… 

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Vision Board Progress


I know I’m probably super annoying with this vision board stuff, but seriously…I will forever swear by them.  They have been one of the best ways to put my hopes and aspirations into some kind of tangible form.  We all say we want to be happy, but we don’t usually know what that means for… 

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Sample Menu

Many of you know I’m in school, working on my BA in Psychology.  I’m in my second semester and I just finished up my second psychology class – Child and Adolescent Development.  So my last project for the class was to make a weekly menu for children.  Easy peasy.  I figured I’d share it.  I… 

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Vision Board Update!


Okay so it took me quite a while to get this done but I feel great about it now!  I’m guessing you probably don’t care so much about my vision board, but I am gonna share anyway.  Just pretend you care.  Ready?  Let’s go. Front side: 1. I’d like to acquire some skills in the… 

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